YWAM'S Adopt-A-People Program


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Register a Commitment

Commitments to a specific unreached people generally are maintained until there is an established, indigenous, reproducing church movement among them. Each individual, agency, denomination and church's commitment will vary, but may include activities such as: prayer, research, networking and church planting.

Registration of your commitment is meaningful because:
It allows the global Christian community to better understand the need among least reached peoples.
It allows others focused on the same people to contact each other for networking purposes.
It allows us to keep you up to date with prayer requests, needs and opportunities among your adopted group.

When registering please include the specific people group you are adopting, your level of desired involvement (ie. Prayer, Giving, Going), your full contact details, and any comments you may have.

Click here to register a commitment via email. Alternately, you can register a commitment via mail using the details provided on the "Contact Us" page.

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